Front and back end data interaction (V) -- what is Axios?

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end data interaction axios

One 、 What is? axios ?

axios Is based on Promise Of ajax Packaging Library , It is also the most popular front-end at present ajax Request Library . Simply put, send get、post request , It's a lightweight Library , When in use, you can directly introduce .

Two 、axios Characteristics

  1. Asynchronous ajax Request Library .
  2. On the browser side and node End can be used .
  3. Support Promise API.
  4. Support request and response interception .
  5. Automatic conversion of response data JSON data .
  6. Support request cancellation .
  7. Multiple requests can be sent in batches .
  8. The client supports security protection , Free from XSRF attack .

3、 ... and 、axios API

3.1、 install

/* npm install */
npm install axios --save
/* bower install */
bower install axios
/* Use yarn */
yarn add axios
/* cdn introduce */
<script src=""></script>

notes : If a simple static page uses , Suggest cdn Mode introduction .

3.2、axios API

towards axios Transmission related configuration parameters , Create request . Such as :axios(config)

/* If you send a post The requested configuration parameters are as follows */
method: 'post', // Request method
url: '/user/12345', // Access interface
data: { // To transmit data
firstName: 'Fred',
lastName: 'Flintstone'
/* If you send a get The requested configuration parameters are as follows */
method: 'get',
url: 'http://localhost:80/one',// Request interface
responseType: 'stream'// Response form
.then(function (response) {'save.jpg')) // Save the picture

3.3、axios Request method

above axios API Every time a request is made , You need to set its request method, response header timeout and other information , It is cumbersome to use , For convenience ,axios Aliases are provided for all supported request methods , The request can be initiated directly in a specified way , Other parameters can be set globally . Such as :


Above axios Send the request directly , When the request mode is not set , By default get request , And ajax and fetch identical . So it's a get request , You can also use get Method to send , The following example :

'1.txt' ,

It can be written in brief. axios(url,config).

Other specific methods are :

axios.get( url , config)
axios.delete( url , config)
axios.head( url , config)
axios.options( url , config) url [,data [, config ]])
axios.put( url [,data [, config ]])
axios.patch( url [,data [, config ]])

3.4、 Send requests in bulk

Multiple network requests are often executed concurrently in network requests , Sometimes we need to deal with their returned results in a unified way , therefore axios Concurrent processing .axios.all() Multiple network requests can be sent in parallel , Wait until all requests return , To continue processing .

Use the syntax :

/* The first way to deal with it */
console.log(res) // Back to res Is an array ,res[0] Is the first request data res[1] Is the second request data
/* The second way to deal with it */
res1 // Is the first request to return data
res2 // Is the second request to return data

Use axios.spread Can automatically split request return data .

1.5、 Global default configuration

The global default configuration is mainly used for each request . Save time typing code , When you want to modify , Just change one and you can change it all .

Common global default configurations are :

axios.defaults.baseURL = "http://localhost:8080/" // Configure the domain name
axios.defaults.timeout = 6000; // In milliseconds , Set timeout
/* Head set */
axios.defaults.headers.common['Authorization'] = AUTH_TOKEN['Content-Type'] = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

3.6、axios example

// Configure default parameters when instantiating
const instance = axios.create({
baseURL: ''
// Alter defaults after instance has been created
instance.defaults.headers.common['Authorization'] = AUTH_TOKEN

Why axios Instantiation , Because global instantiation http The request has a global response interception , When some of our interfaces cannot return status codes , We will not get response, At this point, we need to be in the current api Re instantiate a axios, Set a new response intercept code .

3.7、 Interceptor

The interceptor is divided into two , There are request interception and response interception , Some businesses can be handled uniformly .

  • Request interceptor :
Request interceptor
Uniformly add... Before sending the request token
config.headers.token = sessionStorage.getItem("token") // add to toke
return config
console.log(err)// Request error
  • Response interceptors
return response
console.log(err)// Response error

3.8、 Response content

Basically in use , The first instance request succeeded , Print the results console.log(res) . The results are as follows :

// Returned from the server http Status text
// Response header information
headers: {},
//config Some configuration information at the time of request
config: {}

Four 、axios Common applications

axios It can be used on the browser side , It can also be in node.js Use in . What is sent on the browser side is XMLHttpRequest, stay node.js Send the http . image VUE、React、Node And other projects can use axios.

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