Weilai es8 was listed in Norway and SAIC's driverless concept car appeared at the World Expo

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weilai es8 es listed norway

GAC AIAN AION V Plus Equipped with a number of new technologies

9 month 29 Japan , GAC AIAN AION V Plus Officially listed , A total of 7 models , Price after subsidy 17.26~23.96 ten thousand element . The new car uses ADiGO Smart Drive Internet Ecosystem 4.0 edition , And carried... For the first time NDA Intelligent navigation assistance system , It is also the first to carry GAC AIAN Super speed battery technology models . Besides ,AION V Plus It is also equipped with magazine battery system safety technology . This pure electric vehicle has a maximum endurance of 702 km , It can basically eliminate the mileage anxiety of users .

Yicai comments : Gac-e'an carries a number of new technologies on the new car AION V Plus On . Besides , in the light of AION V Plus, GAC AEAN also launched the industry's first “AION Care+ True value preservation ” Repurchase program . Buy a car immediately 2 After year , The user buys any model of gac-e'an , Gac-e'an will purchase as a customer AION V Plus The market guide price at 7 Discount for repurchase . From product to marketing , Gac-ea carried out innovation in many aspects . however , At present tesla Wei to Xiao peng car When car companies accelerate towards intelligence, they all encounter security challenges , And for the first time NDA Of intelligent navigation assistant system AION V Plus Can we overcome the common problems faced by the industry , This remains to be seen .

SAIC driverless new energy concept vehicle “ Kun ” At the Dubai World Expo

10 month 1 At the Dubai World Expo officially held on the th , SAIC driverless new energy concept vehicle “ Kun ” Will fight with China 、 China's high-speed railway together “ Three swordsmen made in China ”, Exhibit globally .“ Kun ” The concept car is designed by SAIC Shanghai 、 The forward-looking design teams in London work together to create , Set biological intelligent interaction 、 Photosynthetic energy 、 Zero gravity seat 、 Holographic image interaction 、 Advanced technologies such as automatic driving , Showing the future is not limited by space 、 Intelligent travel idea of integration and symbiosis of people, vehicles and environment .

Yicai comments : As a domestic car enterprise “ Go out ” The leader of , SAIC has established a research and development center 、 marketing 、 logistics 、 Spare parts 、 manufacture 、 Finance 、 A global market-oriented automobile industry chain integrating used cars , Products and services enter the world 70 More than countries and regions . This year, 1-8 month , SAIC's sales in overseas markets exceed 37 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 106.4%, among MG The overseas sales volume of the brand has reached 18.2 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 83.9%. In the UK 、 The Norwegian 、 The Danish 、 In the market segments of countries such as Iceland , Mingjue's sales of new energy vehicles are among the top . meanwhile “i-Smart” The intelligent networking system has been running for more than 30 Used on overseas models , Activate user more than 13 ten thousand . But even so , Like all Chinese car companies going to sea , SAIC is still facing a large-scale breakthrough in the single market in the overseas market , Take advantage of international exhibitions such as the Dubai World Expo to show their strength in the field of technology and Design , It is also a very important step to build awareness in overseas markets .

Wei to ES8 Parameters picture ) Officially listed in Norway

9 month 30 Japan , Wei to ES8 Launch in Norway and start user delivery . Which carries 75kWh The starting price of the model with standard battery pack is 60.9 Ten thousand Norwegian kroner ( renminbi 44.80 Ten thousand yuan ), carrying 100kWh The starting price of the model with long-life battery pack is 67.9 Ten thousand Norwegian kroner ( renminbi 49.95 Ten thousand yuan ). Besides , Velai will also provide comprehensive energy services in Norway .BaaS Battery rental service provides vehicle power separation 、 Battery rental 、 Rechargeable, exchangeable and upgradeable comprehensive service , Users do not need to buy battery packs when buying a car , Instead, you can choose to rent battery packs with different capacities according to the actual use needs , Pay the corresponding service fee on a monthly basis .

Yicai comments : Different from many Chinese car companies entering Norway , Wei to ES8 The selling price in Norway is almost the same as that in China , It is reported that Weilai automobile will adopt the global unified pricing model .10 month 1 Japan , Wei to center  |  Oslo will be in 10 month 1 Officially opened on . Thanks to the rapid development of new energy market and more friendly policies , Norway has become a necessary market for many Chinese car companies to enter Europe , BYD 、 Chinese auto companies such as Xiaopeng automobile have spliced new energy models into the Norwegian market . European Association of automobile manufacturers (ACEA) Data show that ,2021 In the first half of , Norway sells new energy vehicles 69,378 car , Year-on-year growth 71%, The market share of new energy vehicles exceeds 82.7%, Among them, the market share of pure electric vehicles reached 57.3%.

Xiao peng P7 Launch new models

09 month 30 Japan , Xiao peng P7 Release 480G、670G Two new models , among 480G The guide selling price is 21.99 ten thousand ,670G The guide selling price is 25.69 ten thousand . The two models combine the user's use scenarios and driving habits , Added 12 Item comfort configuration and function upgrade , Includes active safety 、 Internal and external configuration 、 Smart cockpit 、 Seats, etc , For example, the active security configuration increases FCW Forward collision warning / AEB Automatic emergency braking / LDW Lane departure warning , External configuration added LED Lantern language 、 Rearview mirror heating and folding .

Yicai comments : stay 20 The selling price range of more than 10000 yuan , Xiao peng P7 Together with BYD Han, we broke the monopoly of joint venture brand cars . The data of the ride show ,8 Yue Xiaopeng's car is 7214 The monthly delivery of vehicles ranks second , Chain ratio 7 The number of months has decreased , But the flagship model Xiaopeng P7 Still 6165 The delivery volume of vehicles reached a new high . This time, two new models are launched , The starting price of the model starts from 22.99 Ten thousand yuan down to 21.99 Ten thousand yuan . Xiaopeng automobile said , It is hoped that by increasing the configuration and reducing the price of entry-level models , Grab more fuel truck users .

Wei Pai release Macchiatto

9 month 29 Japan , Wei brand new generation intelligent hybrid SUV—— Macchiato is officially on the market , A total of 3 models , The official price range is 14.58-15.98 Ten thousand yuan . The car is positioned as a new generation of intelligent hybrid compact car SUV, carrying 1.5L+DHT powertrain , 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption 4.7 l , The comprehensive range can reach up to 1100 km .

Yicai comments : at present , The market share of hybrid models is increasing , In particular, the layout of independent auto enterprises in this field has been significantly accelerated .《 Energy saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap 2.0》 Pointed out that , To 2035 year , China's annual sales of energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicles will each account for half , Among them, hybrid power will be promoted in the automotive field as the most important energy-saving technology , Traditional energy powered passenger cars are all hybrid models , This means that the status of hybrid has risen . Besides , The new double points policy also encourages the development of low fuel consumption vehicles . In compact SUV field , Great wall and other independent car companies have snatched a lot of market share because of their cost-effective advantages . In the field of hybrid , Macchiato will also face competition from Japanese and other joint venture brands .

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