How does the app front end on Android real machine interact with the spring boot back end on windows?

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use android studio If the developed front-end is deployed on the real machine , If you want to be with windows Upper spring boot Back end interaction , Need to be in the same wifi Under the circumstances ? Or just the real machine and pc Computers are connected to the Internet through ip Port to proceed http The request of ? Or is it that the computer should be connected to the hotspot of the mobile phone? The mobile phone should be connected to the hotspot of the computer ?

Take the answer :
  • PC If the computer can provide an external network IP, Then the real machine can pass IP+ Port requested
  • If PC The computer has no Internet IP, Then you need to be on the same LAN
  • Even the same wifi Is a way of Lan , Via LAN IP+ Ports are accessible

If help , Please accept , Thank you very much. !

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