Nanjing Yaxin front end practice week (1)

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5.5 The first day

First day of internship , Enter the company gate , Seems to have entered a new world . I've been going through the induction process all morning ,HR I talked about the job for an hour , Later, I found a friend of Nanxin who was also an intern to download the relevant software of the company for me . Unknowingly, it's twelve o'clock , The master took me to the canteen in the park , One word stands out in the canteen “ your ”!, Two disc element + A plate of small meat should 16, But the free soup is delicious . Configure the programming environment in the afternoon , Found a download node File finding skills when . The master sent me the company's project , In recent days, we will see the source code . in addition , The company toilet smells inexplicably good , Love it .

5.6 the second day

The next day of the internship , Today's main task is to look at the source code , Check for defects and make up for omissions , Look at the company's main technologies .

object.keys() ,import How to introduce ,Vue filter

ok , Learned a little , The master told me to look at the layout first , Look at the logic .

1、 Operation command :git branch View project branches .

2、 Layout knowledge :flex-shrink: 0 To keep the elements from being squeezed .

        space-between: We'll stick the edges on both sides first , Divide the space equally .

        Role attribute : Enhance semantics , For example, use div do button, Then set div Of role=“button”,    Auxiliary tools can                             To recognize that this is actually a button

        Zoom:css Properties of , Used to zoom elements or pages

  1. Vue Middle way @:@ The function of is when you introduce the module , have access to @ Instead of /src Catalog , Avoid error prone relative paths
  2. data-v-xxxxx’ Mark : This is marking vue In file css When using scoped Mark generated , Because it is necessary to ensure that css Do not affect each other , For each component Are uniquely marked , So every Introduction component There will be a new one 'data-v-xxx' Mark .

5.7 On the third day

I was supposed to take a day off today 5.2, But I 5.5 Just started , Ideological struggle all night , With the attitude of learning more, I decided to go to work . Sure enough, today didn't disappoint me , First of all, I met my little sister who was a junior on the same day , Have a brief understanding of , I like it very much . The main thing is , I've been with all day today git struggle , Used by the company gerrit Code warehouse , In the process of configuration , Found a bug, Looks like it's because window System problems , Me and another java Interns have encountered... At the same time , Helpless move , Only in the end http How to use code warehouse . See those predecessors skillfully use git The command operation , Let me admire . meanwhile , I also learned “ How to quickly develop senior colleagues in the R & D department ”—— Use one bug. in addition , The company's oranges are delicious .

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