Chapter 1 HTML5 Basics

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HTML structure :
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title><! The name of the web page ></title>
<! Main structure >

<body>: Open label
</body>: Closed label
<title>: label
<meta>: label
<h1>…</h1>: Title Tag (1,2,3,4,5,6 The title proportion of different levels is different )
<p>…</p>: Paragraph Tags
<br/>: Line wrap label
<hr/>: Horizontal label
Font style labels :
In bold :<strong>…</strong>
Italics :<em>…</em>
Notes and special symbols :
Space :&nbsp;
More than no. (>):&gt;
Less than no. (<):&lt;
quotes ("):&quot;( Use in pairs )
Copyright symbols @:&copy;
Image tag :
grammar :<img src="path" alt="text" title="text"  width="x"  height="y" />
src= Image address alt= Alternate text for image title= Hover over the text width= The width of the image height= Height of the image
Link tags :
grammar :<a href="path" target=" Target window position "> Link text or image </a>
href= Link path target= In what window does the link open (_self,_blank)
Anchor links :
Creating steps
Create a jump flag :<a name="marker"> B position </a>
Create a jump link :<a href="#marker"> A position </a>
In line elements and block elements :
A block element : Whatever the content , This element has a single line (p、h1-h6…)
Inline elements : The width of the content , Left and right are elements in a row, which can be arranged in one line (a、strong、em…)

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