What kind of Bluetooth headset do you use? Wearing comfortable real wireless headphones is recommended

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On the busy subway line , We can see that many office workers like to wear Bluetooth headsets when taking the subway , Habitually click on the mobile music player , Eager to temporarily stop working in the busy gap . In order to change your mood in the music world , Relieve the tension of the day . Next, I have also selected Bluetooth headsets for you to use on the way to work and commute , You can refer to it .

Style one :Nank Nanka N2s Bluetooth headset

Reference price :399

Bluetooth chip : bluetooth 5.2

When we were talking about Bluetooth headsets , I often take apples AirPods Come out and compare . Undeniable? , Like iron triangle 、 Sony is such a big international brand , The headphones produced are really in quality 、 Excellent experience , But the high price is prohibitive . Fortunately, in recent years , Local brands that are more in line with the usage habits of Chinese people and have more advantages in price are also rising .Nank Nanka headset focuses on improving the sound quality of Bluetooth headset , Set up an independent acoustic laboratory , In the field of audio 10 Years of experience , With the price close to the people , Stand out quickly , Become a dark horse of domestic Bluetooth headset .

Nank Nanka N2s True wireless Bluetooth headset focuses on Qualcomm QCC3040 chip , New performance upgrades , Comprehensive function , High cost performance . In terms of sound quality that we are very concerned about ,Nank Nanka N2s Specially invited music masters from Toronto, Canada , Millions of sound adjustments have been made , Clear and high 、 Deep bass , Highly restored sound quality sound effect . It also adopts

new generation AptX Codec technology , Adaptive dynamic adjustment , Break through again in sound quality , The sound quality is comparable to CD. all-new QCC3040 chip , In addition to upgrading the sound quality ,Nank Nanka N2s Also ushered in a huge improvement in delay .Nank Nanka N2s Support bluetooth 5.2 Transfer protocol , use TrueWireless Mirroring Mirror transmission technology , Not only is the connection more stable , It also reduces the delay to 40ms, Non inductive delay , Synchronization of music and painting , The game experience is more incisive . Endurance is also Nank Nanka N2s A highlight of , A single endurance can reach 7 Hours , Equipped with a 3000mAh Charging chamber , Can provide 150 Hours of total endurance , It supports reverse charging , It can be used as a power bank .

Style two :JBL TOUR PRO+TWS Bluetooth headset

Reference price :1499

Bluetooth chip : bluetooth 5.0

JBL TOUR PRO+TWS The fuselage is treated by sanding process , The overall appearance of the headset is very exquisite , And has a high degree of identification . bluetooth 5.0 chip , Support two-way transmission + Synchronization technology , It can improve connection stability and reduce power consumption . Adopted 6.8mm Drive unit , The overall performance is vigorous and powerful , Clear and transparent midrange and treble . When watching live and TV dramas , There is no synchronization between sound and picture , There is no obvious feeling of delay , The overall use effect is quite good .

Style three : Wan Mo ComfoBuds2 Bluetooth headset

Reference price :239

Bluetooth chip : bluetooth 5.2

Wan Mo ComfoBuds2 The charging box adopts the water drop streamline fuselage design , The lines of the whole machine are very soft , And feel round and comfortable . Dual microphone intelligent call noise reduction , You can hear people clearly even in a noisy environment . The tri band output is quite balanced , The overall sound doesn't sound obvious , Analyze details 、 Sound restoration can also be comparable to wired headphones . You can also use your mobile phone APP Personalize the headphones , Choose your favorite voice .

Style four :Libratone Bird headset AIR+ The first 2 Generation Bluetooth headset

Reference price :1398

Bluetooth chip : bluetooth 5.2

Libratone Bird headset AIR+ The first 2 The weight of a single generation of headphones is only about 5.5g, Very good control , Even if you wear it for a long time, it won't have too much burden . Support aptx-AAC-SBC High quality sound , The timbre of the music played is accurate , It's clear and clean 、 Baritone vocals are lively 、 Treble accuracy , With high fidelity . Support bluetooth 5.2 transport , With excellent antenna design , Fast connection , Stability and anti-interference ability are also stronger .

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