Which is the higher salary prospect of web front end and Java?

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The Internet industry is developing rapidly , So there are a lot of little friends who want to enter IT A piece of the industry , But what technology is better , Which language has a higher employment salary , It has become the main problem that puzzles everyone .

Everyone who wants to learn computer language should have this concern , I don't know which language is more suitable for me , Of course, everyone hopes to learn a promising , Highly paid professional skills .

About online “Web Front end and Java Who is the developer with the highest salary , It has a bright future ?” Such similar problems abound , Everyone has their own answers .

Web The front end is flexible , Be able to visually see the results , So the sense of achievement is easier to reflect , Learning will also be relatively easy .Java Known as the most stable language , Most widely used , Both the first tier cities and the second and third tier cities have great job demands , Easy to find a job , But the entry threshold is relatively more difficult .

You can also refer to the following three aspects .

Direction of work

Java Development

Java As the most popular technology in programming language , It's everywhere . Whether it's life software 、Java Games or computer software , From your every purchase to the success of every payment , Cannot leave Java, More and more enterprises are adopting Java Language development website , And of all programmers ,Java Development engineers occupy 30% The proportion of .

Java Language has object orientation 、 Cross platform 、 Security 、 Multithreading, etc , This makes Java Become the ideal development language for many applications .

1. Write a website .Java Can be used to write websites , Now many large websites use JSP Written ,JSP full name Java Server Pages It's a dynamic web technology , Like something we're familiar with 163, Some government websites use JSP Compiling . So study Java Students can find work in developing websites , And now there are more jobs in this area . such as : Web development mostly uses JSP、Servlet、JavaBean These technologies .

2. do Android.Android It's based on Linux Free and open source operating system , Its source code is Java. So the mobile phone systems seen in the market, for example MIUI , Alibaba cloud , Happy frog, etc , It's all redistributed by modifying the source code .Java Android is not just about systems , also APP, For more developers , They spend more time developing APP above .

3. Game development . In the old days when Nokia was very popular , The mobile games you play are 90% All of these are Java Developed .PC There are also Java Developed games , such as :《 My world 》(minecraft , abbreviation MC),《 Hero alliance 》( abbreviation LoL) wait .

4. big data . It is said that this is the data age . All kinds of big data technologies emerge in endlessly . At present, the technologies for processing big data include python,Java,R etc. . Although I say Java There is no absolute advantage , But it is also a big overlord .

  1. Make enterprise software . Enterprise application development mostly uses Java Language , Systems as large as national networking , Application solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises ,Java All have a very important position . in addition ,Java In artificial intelligence 、 Scientific computing and other fields also have certain applications .

Java It has become a popular programming language in the market today , It can be said that as long as you use your mobile phone 、 Computers and other electronic products , You'll use the heel Java Something about it .

Web front end

Website “ front end ” It's the part of interacting directly with the user , Including all the visual content you touch when browsing the web – From font to color , And drop-down menus and sidebars , These visual content , It's all parsed by browsers 、 Handle 、 Rendered and rendered .

In a narrow sense , Front end engineers use HTML5、CSS、JavaScript And other professional skills and tools UI Design draft to be website product , Users covered PC End 、 Mobile web page , Dealing with visual and interactive issues . In a broad sense , All user end products related to vision and interaction , It's all front-end engineers .

Web Front end engineers are mainly responsible for the following three aspects in the enterprise :

1. Website design ;

2. Web interface development ;

3. Foreground data binding and foreground logic processing ;

technical knowledge

Java Development

1、Web The front-end technology (HTML5、CSS、JS、jQuery、Ajax)

2、 Internet architecture (Nginx、Redis、MQ)

3、JavaEE Three core frameworks (Spring,SpringMVC,MyBatis)

4、Web Server side programming (Java Basics 、Servelt、SSH、SSM)

5、 Database technology (Orale、MySQL、JDBC、DAO)

Web front end

1、html + css.



4、html5 and css3.

5、 Browser compatibility . understand web standard , Good handwriting xhtml css3 And accord with accord with w3c standard . The code is compatible with mainstream browsers Firfox,Chrome、Safari、IE、Opera.

6、 Familiar with a background programming language asp、php、jsp etc. .

Java Development and Web Front ends are now popular programming languages , In terms of salary ,Java Their wages are generally higher than Web The front end is high ; In terms of difficulty ,Java than Web The front end is more difficult ; In terms of demand ,Java The demand for talents is greater than Web More front end , But correspondingly Java Talent competitiveness ratio Web The front end should be larger .

In fact, there is no big difference between the two , Only after studying and mastering the internal knowledge of any technology can we see the prospect and salary , The most important thing is to find one that suits you , The above can only be used as reference data for all students , The details need to be considered by themselves .

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