Less than 500 yuan perfect replica iPhone 13 LETV y1pro starts shipping today

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According to the official news of LETV , This LETV Y1Pro After nearly a month of pre-sale , The shipment will start today , And continue the spot sales .

The specific term , Letv Y1Pro The front screen size is 6.5 Inch , The front shot is in the center of the bangs , Support face unlocking , Pick up mobile phone You can enter the desktop .

The middle frame of the fuselage is designed at right angles , The rear camera adopts the diagonal double shooting scheme , And support AI Noise control .

The core part adopts multi-core architecture processor , It claims to have both performance and power consumption , It can meet the needs of daily operation and games , With highest 256GB Large memory optional , Storable 56000+ A picture , Don't worry about running out of memory anymore .

what's more , Letv Y1Pro It's also equipped with Le OS 9.1 operating system , Surpass... In function iOS, Support application split screen 、 Software separation 、 Dual system and other functions .

Online exposure LETV Y1Pro Real machine figure

According to the real picture exposed before , This machine seems to be able to realize eight open wechat , It can exist at the same time 8 A WeChat App.

price , Leeco smart phones Y1Pro Still provide 4+32GB、4+128GB、4+256GB Three storage options , Priced at 499 element 、699 element 、899 element , And star blue 、 Starlight white 、 Midnight black is available in three colors .

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