Test drive of the new Bora: 1.2t+7dsg fuel consumption of less than 4L per 100 km

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2001 year , faw - Volkswagen has brought Bora into the Chinese market , And then there was a wave “ The driver's car ” Adriatic monsoon , In the twinkling of an eye, this monsoon has blown in China 21 year , Maybe those in those days “ The driver ” We have passed the age of high spirits , And one “ Inverse growth ” New Bora has appeared around us .

As a car in the Chinese market “ The gilded ”, What surprises did the new Bora bring us this time ? In today's Red Sea , Whether the new Bora has a sharp weapon to break through ? With these questions , Qingge went to Guangzhou Chimelong's media test drive meeting to find the answer .

As a mid - term change model , The new Bora mainly adjusts the appearance details , The front grille and bumper were redesigned , The grille has a sharp outline , Chrome finish , It is integrated with the headlamp groups on both sides , Well extended visual width ; Redesign of tail lamp and lower maintenance area , Including the new tail lamp lighting mode and the design of running water steering lamp , Sense of technology and movement , Of course, there are many textures UP.

other aspects , The addition of a color scheme called Belga blue lake is obvious , And if you look at the new car and feel more grand 、 Steady , That's because the length of the new Bora car has increased 9mm, achieve 4672mm; The height of the car increased 16mm, achieve 1478mm; The width of the car is 1815mm; The wheelbase to 2688mm. Although the wheelbase sounds average , But fortunately, the utilization rate of public space is very high , So the interior seating space 、 The storage space is very spacious .

For example, there is a trunk storage link in the activity , Benefit from good deepening , Bora can easily fit into several boarding boxes and shipping boxes , There is also a folding stroller , This loading capacity is almost the same as many B Class car flat .

Into the car , At a glance, you can see the suspended central control screen “ Especially not popular ”, Supplemented by an encircling center console , And used 10.25 Inch full LCD Meter , Immediately improved the overall sense of atmosphere and technology . among ,12 Inch suspended central control large screen has 1720×860 high resolution , It also has proximity sensing effect , By waving your hand from side to side , You can turn the page to view the next page icon .

More Than This , Compared with those “ Tough ” At the same price , The new Bora interior adopts PVC Soft coating , It is outlined by the lines between the chrome plated instrument frame and the air outlet of the air conditioner , Supplemented by soft bag suture and other process embellishment , Finally, the public has become advanced .

In configuration , The new Bora is equipped with intelligent voice interaction 、 Intelligent navigation planning 、 Intelligent service Ecology 、 Five powerful car networking functions including Zhiqu travel experience and Zhilian mobile car control . The driving assistance functions of the main selling models are upgraded synchronously , Including Front Assist Pre crash safety system ,AEB With urban emergency braking ,ACC Adaptive cruise system , In addition, there is a parking space warning RTA, Reverse emergency braking , Lane keep Lane Assist, Lane change assistance SWA A series of L2 Level 1 driving assistance system . I can hardly count them , It can be regarded as showing the greatest sincerity of the public .

The adjustment of the power system is another highlight of the new Bora , The new car abandons the old bora 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine +6 Power combination of manual transmission , Only reserved 1.2T/1.4T+7 Gear double clutch gearbox and 1.2T+5 The configuration of the 1-speed manual transmission , Cut yourself , Improve cost performance , among 1.2T It should be a product with high volume .

So for the products with high volume , Consumers tend to be more demanding , This set of 1.2T What is the speed of the powertrain 、 How about fuel economy , It must be the most concerned problem of everyone .

Let's start with fuel economy , Because this keyword is in 92 The No. 1 oil is almost broken 10 It's very sensitive under the background of , It must be so , The organizer specially set up a fuel saving challenge . Start from the starting point , It takes about... To reach the destination 100 Kilometer's journey , Brother Qing has three strong men in a cart , With air conditioning on and relatively less violent driving , Finally, it shows that the fuel consumption is only 4.5 l , However, most of the vehicles in the fleet have controlled their fuel consumption at 3L+, It is really comparable to the performance of hybrid .

To be able to achieve this result is simple “ Small displacement ” It must not be enough , Therefore, the new Bora is also equipped with engine idle start and stop 、 Braking energy recovery technology , The result is lower fuel consumption. Fuel consumption can be saved according to different working conditions 6-10%. And optimize components for extremely frequent startup and shutdown , Longer service life . and ECO The economical shift program can adjust the shift strategy , Lower the shift point , Re match the transmission shift procedure , Finally, without increasing the cost , Reduce the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle .

And power , Many people hear about this fuel consumption , Maybe I'm already questioning its dynamic performance , After all, there are “ The driver's car ” The name of , Even if it is 1.2T I don't pull my crotch . Compared with the old 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , The new car can provide good power at a lower speed , Daily driving control is more leisurely , On collocation 7 Block hand from one body DSG Double clutch automatic transmission , The new adjustment and calibration driver's intention is more handy , Shift faster , The response of the gearbox is also very positive when stepping on the oil deeply , After timely downshifting, the connection with the engine is smooth enough , Daily household is enough , It reflects the adjustment capability of Volkswagen for this power system over the years .

In suspension , The scheme of front McPherson independent suspension and rear torsion beam independent suspension is adopted , The suspension tuning is more comfortable , In the process of dealing with fineness 、 Show enough toughness during continuous bumps , The overall performance was quite excellent , However, in terms of texture, don't have too high requirements , The chassis adjustment has been ranked among the best in cars of the same level .

Look back , from 2001 The first car in Bora A4 Drive off the production line in Changchun , Bora is not only a powerful car 、 German car with flexible control , It is a leading lifestyle car 、 Pursue the driving experience 、 A national sedan car that emphasizes quality upgrading . Now after three iterations , It also integrates the most advanced mass technology , In front of us , Continue the legend of Bora , Bring a better choice of sedans to the younger generation of Chinese consumers .

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