Tableau advanced drawing (I) - use template to quickly make waffle chart

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Quick overview of making waffles

Waffle pie (Waffle Chart), It can visually describe the percentage completion ratio . Compared with the traditional pie chart , The percentage of waffle chart is more clear and accurate , Each of its squares represents 1%. 

The next step is to explain how to use templates to make .

There are six steps in total :

Preparation , Add data sources , Rename field , Replace data source 、 Detail adjustment 、 Dashboard layout .

Introduction to data sources

The data source is simple , It mainly refers to the proportion of each category . Main show 6 One category is enough .

Final effect


One 、 Preparation

1 Download the template

1、 Download template workbook , The downloaded file is

《Likelihood of Orgasm_v2019.3.twbx》


Chart preparation

The topic of this assignment is agricultural pesticides , Can be in https://www.iconfon

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