"Element Fangjian" hot blood competition is coming. The holy priest is fighting for you

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Classic return , Enjoy pure fun ! Dear brave adult ,Q ' Rougelike Strategy adventure hand tour 《 Element square tip 》 The hot blooded competition version is now in full swing ! In this new “ Hot blooded competition ” In the version , Brave adults can be in the points arena , Experience the pleasure of fighting with an expert , Can also work with like-minded friends , Enjoy the endless charm of team sports together ! So in the hot blood version , What can the vocation of the clergyman do to help you ? Let's get to know about it !

Powerful gain and excellent output The most effective team guarantee !

Speaking of “ The clergy ” Three words , People who are wrapped and blessed by the divine light may come to mind , And in the 《 Element square tip 》 The world of China , These priests who hold a heavy hammer can not only use the power of light and water to increase the strength of the team members BUFF, You can also swing your hammer , Knock down the enemy in front of you !

《 Element square tip 》 in , The most impressive thing is Freya · Black light . the , A girl dressed in a ferocious black armor , Once one of the most elite clergy in the Knights , But there was a secret mission , But let her become incomparably indifferent . meanwhile , Her exclusive skills “ Black light Warhammer ” It is a powerful existence , Through “ Absorb the black light ” Supported by the effect of , No enemy can easily follow her hammer , If there is , Then one more hammer !

The hot blood competition version goes online The super burning battle was officially staged !

《 Element square tip 》 The hot blooded competition version has been online for a week , I wonder if you brave adults , Have you enjoyed this brand new PVP Arena and team competition BOSS How to play ? In the new PVP sports “ Points arena ” Adopt the segment system , Brave adults can challenge the defensive mirror image of the same server players , Get star level promotion and other levels , It is a great test of the matching strategy of the brave adults ! and PVE sports “ Guild BOSS war ”, You need the guild members to work together to fight , It's time to witness the friendship , Call your friends to challenge .

stay 《 Element square tip 》 Meet all kinds of unknown tests , Challenge strength BOSS Gain honor , The hot blooded competition version takes you on a burning journey ! Exploration and challenge coexist , come quick 《 Element square tip 》 Start your adventure !

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