What is the linkage reward for "flame heraldry matchless wind, flower, snow and moon"? Introduction to linkage rewards

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Flame Herald matchless Fenghuaxueyue is a role-playing action game , The land ruled by three forces : Flora as a stage , Depicting the battlefield where justice intersects with each other . This work inherits the world and characters of the original work , Interweave a brand new story that may have happened in the land of flora . The following small series will bring the introduction of the unique linkage reward of flame heraldry , Let's see .

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Introduction to linkage rewards

The flame coat of arms is incomparable. The wind, flowers, snow and moon will be in 6 month 24 Launch date , The official website of the game announced some linkage details .

Players who have the flame crest, the unique flame crest, the wind, flowers, snow and moon archive , Each can get a reward for archiving linkage , Contains money and items .

In addition, the game supports amiibo function , In game brush amiibo You can get weapons 、 Goods or money , Brush the heraldry of fire series characters amiibo, It's easier to get good things . Only brush every day 5 Time amiibo

The digital version of the game features owls that appear regularly , Talk to the Owl , Can be obtained “ Owl feathers ”, Give the feather as a gift to other characters , Can greatly increase the support value .

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The above is the introduction of the flame heraldry wind, flower, snow and moon unique linkage reward , For more game related information, please pay attention to the Ranger website , We will update the most complete content as soon as possible to help you understand the game , Let's have a look .

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