Easycvr cannot play after adding HTTP for a period of time. What should I do?

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There's a lot of comparison HTTP and HTTPS,HTTP towards HTTPS The main reason for the overuse can be said to be the necessary process of information digitization , In order to encrypt the data more precisely ,HTTPS It is also increasingly favored by users . It's not hard to see. ,HTTPS The encryption mechanism will become the mainstream of electronic information development in the future . In the framework of our video surveillance cloud edge project , First pass HTTPS The point of the experiment is EasyNVR and EasyDSS, Next to it are EasyCVR、EasyGBS etc. .

EasyCVR Add appears HTTP Can't play after a period of time , After preliminary analysis , It is speculated that the stream may be disconnected so that it cannot be played :

Add the following code , After adding channels , Judge whether the channel is alive , If the channel has users playing , Do not stop the current flow while the flow is alive , Just update dynamically .

for _, value := range *lists {
cvrdao.GetChannelDao().UpdateChannelErrMsg(value.ChannelID, "")
param := &stream.ChannelExParam{
DevHandle: device.DeviceHandle,
ChnID: int(value.ChannelNum),
if device.Enable {
value.Enable = 1
e := stream.EditStream(&value, param)
if e != nil {
value.Online = 0
} else {
value.Online = 1

Play again , It can play normally , Without disconnecting the black screen .

EasyCVR The video platform supports intelligent analysis in a variety of scenarios , For example, face recognition 、 License plate recognition, etc ,EasyCVR As a video intelligent analysis platform, it can automatically identify the target type and track the moving targets in the video area , Mark the target and draw the target trajectory , It can monitor multiple targets in the same scene at the same time , It can be set flexibly according to the characteristics of the prevention target .

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