Apricale hydrogen fuel super run: the output power can reach 1000 horsepower and the weight is less than 1000 kg

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lower than 1000 The weight of kilos makes Apricale Become one of the lightest cars in the thousand Horse Club , This is also a demonstration of the company's core technology : Lightweight Graph-Pro Hydrogen storage tank , It is built into the structure of the carbon fiber chassis , Its weight is the weight of the hydrogen it carries 20 More than times .

Apricale stay 700 bar Under pressure to carry about 5.4 Kilograms of hydrogen . It passes a “ Several hundred kilowatts ” Fuel cells run the hydrogen to generate electricity , This power may be sent directly to the front and rear axles 400 kw (536 horsepower ) On the electric motor , Or be taken away as a 6 Kilowatt hour high-performance battery charging -- from Tri-Volt The energy management system determines how much and where .

The role of the battery is to provide short-term impetus when you need all these thousand horsepower --Viritech It seems that this is not often . therefore , Although this thing can produce 1000 Horsepower is accurate , But it can also be more accurate to say , It's only a short time . Once the battery runs out , The car will be limited to any range of hundreds of kilowatts .

Viritech Promise to reach or exceed at a speed 200mp(322km/h) To achieve zero emissions , It also says that before we need to find a hydrogen station , A full tank of hydrogen can take the driver for about 350 miles (560 km ) The distance .

But that's not the real point , These things will only be built 25 car , Plan in 2024 Delivery begins in . First ,Viritech I don't want to be a super company , This machine actually shows the company's light gas storage and hydrogen in the most vivid form / Battery hybrid energy management system .

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