Internal collapse of Sanjian capital and its lessons for cryptocurrency

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Three arrows capital  (3AC) stay Terra It collapsed only a month after the crash . The two cryptocurrency giants collapsed in such a short time , Put the market in one of the most unstable positions to date .Luna The crash of has caused repercussions in the market ,3AC It has also been greatly affected .

3AC The collapse of the

Luna Collapse of At first it seemed isolated , Institutional investors lost billions of dollars . However , The weeks after the crash will show Its impact is more widespread than originally expected . One of the difficulties is 3AC.

The cryptocurrency fund used to be Luna The goal of the crash , Exposure over 2 Billion dollars , Guess as high as 4.5 Billion dollars . At first , The company seems to have started from Luna Rebound from the collapse of , But you will soon find 3AC In a more dangerous situation than investors think .

Suzhu, the founder and CIO, has been outspoken in saying , He believes that the supercycle will not really collapse , It will soon be proved wrong by the market , The company will suffer with him . With Luna Collapse of ,3AC The losses put pressure on the encryption company . As the market fails to recover properly ,3AC You will soon find yourself being liquidated by a large undisclosed lender for a loan with insufficient collateral .

With Bitmex and FTX Wait for the cryptocurrency exchange to clear the cryptocurrency company , Other liquidations will follow .BlockFi and Genesis Also revealed , Liquidating and mitigating losses ,Genesis Indicates that the loss will be deducted from its balance sheet . After liquidation ,Genesis  Apparently still being 3AC Default on 600 Thousands of dollars .

Lessons learned from the crash

3AC The collapse of has made many important investment precautions that should be taken stand out . In a bull market , Because everything is repeating “ pump ”, So a lot of caution has been forgotten , So everyone is making money .

However , When dealing with volatile markets such as the cryptocurrency market , Risk management 、 Careful planning and prudence cannot be overemphasized . They help small and large investors Make smarter decisions , Not based on faith and confidence in the project And give up .

This crash has made 3AC The parties concerned bear varying degrees of debt . Final , These debts will have to be borne by these parties as losses , But how they deal with debt remains to be seen . But with the collapse of the two market giants in such a short time , The impact is expected to be huge , And it's quite negative .

As the incident continues to develop , It is best for investors to take a defensive stance in their portfolios . Once the market feels 3AC The impact of the crash , It is expected that the already stressed market will further succumb to short positions .

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