[cloud server] it is very convenient to use cloud server to build a drawing bed and hexo one click deployment

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Hello everyone , This is Wang Feng, a programmer .

Recently, I am building a personal website :www.python-office.com, Need to use a drawing bed , To store images and other files that are used by multiple pages .

This time I choose cloud server + Hexo Build the framework .

Equipment and technology used

  • equipment : Cloud server
  • technology :Hexo、supervisor、nginx
  • Software :Xftp

Steps to build

1、 install node Environmental Science

This step belongs to the basic operation , Direct Baidu , I won't go into details here .

2、 start-up hexo project

 newly build hexo project hexo init hexo-demo Get into hexo-demo Folder , Installation dependency cd hexo-demonpm install After running the project and installing the dependencies , Execute the following command , start-up hexo The server ,hexo server

The operation results are as follows . Demo page Portal

3、 Add images

Put your picture , Add directly to hexo Under the project of source Folder is ok .

[[email protected]VM-0-5-centos source]# pwd./hexo-demo/source[[email protected]VM-0-5-centos source]# tree.|-- 1-wemedia-group.jpg|-- 2-free-group.jpg|-- 3-finance-group.jpg|-- 4-cq-group.jpg|-- cartoon-img.jpg|-- github-nav.jpg|-- icon.jpg|-- img2cartoon-error.jpg|-- _posts| `-- hello-world.md|-- python-office.jpg`-- qrcode.jpg

4、 Advanced : collocation supervisor、nginx More suitable for

Complete the above tasks , This simple drawing bed can already be used .
If you want to make the project more automated 、 Easy access , It can be matched with the following 2 One technology :

At the end

This kind of drawing bed , It is suitable for the situation that your server is rich in resources .

If you have any questions about the article , Welcome to the comment area to communicate with me ~

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