The country's first Dongfeng driverless nucleic acid collection vehicle has been put into use

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IT The home of 6 month 23 Daily news , According to the official information of Dongfang motor , Dongfeng Yuexiang and PANI Medical Co., Ltd “Sharing-Bus Driverless nucleic acid collection vehicle ” It has been put into use in Junshan new town, Wuhan Economic Development Zone , operating 10 Days completed 4809 Human nucleic acid detection .



According to introducing , There is a registration window and two sampling windows on one side of the vehicle , Nucleic acid detection is not long queue and the height is just right , No need to take a horse step .

The interior area of the car is about 6-8 Square meters , In car facilities comply with sampling specifications , A sample transfer bin is set 、 Medical dressing area , Configure two sets of nucleic acid collection work areas . Each functional area is independent of each other , Medical staff can collect nucleic acid samples in one stop 、 Kill 、 Transfer and inspection .

IT Home learned ,Sharing-Bus Driverless nucleic acid collection vehicle can be used for mobile sampling , According to different groups 、 Different nature of work , Customize the sampling time , It can be completed every hour during peak hours 450 Sampling of person times . Besides , The car passed 5G Remote control realizes the movement of nucleic acid collection vehicle , In case of emergency , It can quickly realize the construction of nucleic acid collection capability in the closed park , Complete the nucleic acid sampling without personal contact in the closed Park .

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