Shared charging treasure management system based on springboot+vue

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Function introduction
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Everyone in today's life is inseparable from their mobile phones. They are playing with their mobile phones when they go out and wait for the subway, on the bus, and even when they go to the toilet. Especially now that there are countless mobile phone applications, various APP applications attract users to wantonlyPlaying with mobile phones, such as games, news, and small videos, etc., these APP applications are addictive to play. When you are watching the mobile phone when you are going out, the mobile phone suddenly runs out of power. Many people feel this wayhave encountered.When the mobile phone is on standby, it usually runs out of power at night, and some mobile phones run out of power at noon when the battery is poor. When you are on a business trip or outside, the call is suddenly cut off while you are talking about a project, which may affect the entire company's economic profits or project operations., the situation is even more serious, so the trouble of running out of mobile phone when going out has been lingering around people.Until the birth of the shared power bank, people can go out to play games, and work has enough confidence to play recklessly, and the management of shared power bank must have a complete management plan to share, including the amount of charges, placement, etc.Management, let the shared power bank go to more merchants, and gradually expand to all parts of the country. In this regard, the management amount is very expensive. Therefore, the significance of developing this system is to make it easier for investors to manage these power banks all over the country.

Abstract I
Contents II
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background and Significance 1
1.2 Research Overview at Home and Abroad 1
1.3 ResearchContent 1
Chapter 2 Related Technologies 2
2.1 Introduction to java 2
2.2 SSM Three Frameworks 2
2.3 Eclipse Development Environment 2
2.4 Tomcat Server 3
2.5 MySQL Database 3

Chapter 3 System Analysis 4
3.1 Requirements Analysis 4
3.2 System Feasibility Analysis 4
3.2.1 Technical Feasibility: Technical Background 4
3.2.2 Economic Feasibility 5
3.2.3 Operational feasibility: 5
3.3 Project design goals and principles 5
3.4 System process analysis 6
3.4.1 Operation process 6
3.4.2 Add information process 7
3.4.3 Delete information flow 8
Chapter 4 System design 10
4.1 System architecture 10
4.2 Development process design 11
4.3 Database design principles 12
4.4 Data table 14
SectionChapter 5 System Detailed Design 19
5.1 Administrator Function Module 19
5.2 Maintenance Personnel Function Module 22
5.3 User Function Module 22
5.4 Front Desk Home Function Module 22
Chapter 6 System Test 26
6.1 Purpose of System Test 26
6.2 System Test Method 27
6.3 Functional Test 27
Conclusion 29
Acknowledgements 30
References 31