MetaElfLand, which integrates World Cup + GameFi elements, launched a special event for the World Cup

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< div> again quadrennial fans carnival, the Qatar World Cup was held on November 21.< / div>< br>< div> when the World Cup is coming, and the related industry will usher in a wave of World Cup, after all the billions of dollars worth of market lurks a countless opportunities.And since the hot GameFi, World Cup also became the encryption investors partying, sporting events and encryption economy closely and mutually beneficial relations will show incisively and vividly in the World Cup.< / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< div> the eve of the tournament, encryption investors after already in concept, football fans concept tokens, obtained a more generous returns.And the opening of such assets as the game is good show, based on GameFi < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> are becoming the new encryption the investment opportunity.< / div>< br>< div> MetaElfLand yuan mainland spirit) is a subsidiary of Macao block chain company MetaSoft MetaSoft Game Studio developed a P2E game, similar to & have spentPokemon Go The chain of the upper leg quasi-real-time game, MetaSoft Game Studio Late will develop & have spentPet Metaverse Games, pledge, IDO, NFT leasing platform, cross chain system, players will also develop a block chain with the real players with the server platform, real player can directly interact with block chain players.< / div>< br>< div> in & have spentMetaElfLand mainland spirit (yuan) in the game, players can be purchased or produced a variety of yuan ling pet, to form a team, & have spentFinish the game in the daily tasks, PVE And & have spentPVP, get more rewards.Investors in the swimming competition at the same time, also can get high yields.< / div>< br>< div> especially during the World Cup, conveniently introduced a World Cup contest MetaElfLand carnival activities, is to let the fans.< / div>< br>< div> quizzes market is an area where extreme need to trust, centralized platform easy to tamper with the game data, malicious modification betting results, etc., already let the players a headache.MetaElfLand have anonymity, Decentralize, tamper-resistant, intelligent contracts and privacy protection, etc.MetaElfLand distributed billing methods, through block chain technology can prevent quizzes been tampered with the data of the market, all information is open and transparent, will avoid black-box wait for a phenomenon, make the World Cup contest more transparent.< / div>< div> MetaElfLand World Cup play reading < / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< div> as MetaElfLand old players, we are in the main game interface can already see the entry of the "World Cup", click enter, players can get the keys to open the door to the World Cup GameFi.< / div>< br>< div> in MetaElfLand world, MetaElfLand ecological to Melt as the pass card, all kinds of activities will be conducted to Melt within ecological tong card as the main chip, is also the main into various ecological game tickets, and some within the ecological mechanism adjustment, resolution and other issues, will be held by Melt community of users of the vote.< / div>< div> included in MetaElfLand special "World Cup", the players must also have a certain amount of Melt.Each player with & have spentMelt Buy you watch the World Cup champion team tickets, tickets of the initial price of 5000 melt, whenever a team tickets are sold, then the team will rise in the price of 20 melt, that is to say, the sooner to participate in the activities of the World Cup special, affirmation is relatively more earn.Buy, of course, whether early or late, its rights and interests are the same.< / div>< div> MetaElfLand for tickets allocation proportion is as follows: inviter won 10% and 50% in the champion bonus pools;30% into the team bonus pools;10% handling charge.So, if your friend circle is wide enough, the players just invite friends to participate in the World Cup, can get a decent income.Interested friends to participate in up to 10% of the passive income is not attractive.Says the players the most concerned about the champion of the bonus pool and the team bonus pools!< / div>< div> 1. & have spentChampion bonus pools < / div>< div> MetaElfLand first planted thousands of U in the champion bonus pools equivalent Melt, in addition to sell 50% of all ticket sales will be in the award pool.On December 18th World Cup champion ticket holders, will be the first lottery draw out a lucky dog, scoring champion prize pool of 10% of the total amount of the reward!< / div>< div> 90% bonus kanaike rewards, through intelligent contract query all addresses hold tickets, weight and quantity according to the formula of share out bonus each address can receive bonuses, and then write the contract (address + can get the number of Melt), for the user to receive, including share out bonus fees deducted from the final selling a ticket.< / div>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< br>< br>< div> 2. & have spentTeam bonus pools < / div>< div> for each ticket according to the ticket number (10 integer times), 30% of the tickets will be in accordance with the contract of share out bonus for early buy tickets to the user, including share out bonus fees deducted from the final selling a ticket.< / div>< br>< div> players to participate in the activities of special MetaElfLand World Cup, as shown above can get fat profits, officially pulled out of the starting of tens of thousands of U reward, follow-up may continue to add more reward bonus pool.Compared with the GameFi manufacturers on market, MetaElfLand pattern is very big, and real want MetaElfLand the first group of players.And reap the benefits of the first World Cup fans, or can be determined of MetaElfLand community users, witness MetaElfLand growth and development.< / div>< br>< div> players from World Cup special activities make Melt, will enjoy unlimited appreciation value.Will Melt in the < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> ecological will be adhering to the acme deflation mechanism, in either game in consumption, the mechanism, will be Melt deflation scenario, and < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> to the ecological communities will also regularly the earnings to repurchase Melt and destroy Melt will be within the ecological mechanism can assign a carrier, through continuous value-added benefit holders.< / div>< br>< div> we players or investor attention most is profit, not the interests of the project and how to win the favour of capital structure?Therefore, < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> to the various assignments can Melt, hold a Melt users not only can participate in the < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> ecological management, but also can enjoy the dividends of ecology in the development process, Melt in ecological, indispensable as < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> gradually known by the world, Melt price will be higher, investors or players will enjoy the huge rewards.< / div>< br>< div> MetaElfLand will explode in the World Cup < / div>< div> any early investors a project will have to the body, while the late participants can only eat fish, < / div>< div> MetaElfLand as one of the most promising projects the World Cup.Players < / div>< div> as soon as possible to participate in the < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> in the ecological to < / div>< div>, is undoubtedly the most cost-effective, players can be held in early Melt, or to participate in the activities of the World Cup special earn < / div>< div> Melt, < / div>< div> to obtain the income gained by the throughout the game release.< / div>< br>< div>, after all, MetaElfLand < / div>< div> decrease the threshold of the entrance GameFi player, they don't need to prepaid large funds can participate in the yuan in the universe to the World Cup, this solved the ordinary players into the block threshold question in the field of chain.From a macro perspective, < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> goal is to help yuan universe broken ring, let the charm of traditional sports people in the world to realize encryption assets, finally let < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> become numerous players of true reality, rather than a few attention-seeker money game.< / div>< br>< div> say, < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> for the World Cup, the capital giants and ordinary player interest balance between the three parties, < / div>< div> MetaElfLand < / div>< div> wants to establish the interests of the Shared model, not only can help the development of the game project, make capital profits, but also for ordinary players can share the benefits to the game, eventually promote tripartite joint power World Cup yuan universe of ecological construction.< / div>< br>< div> with the arrival of the 2022 World Cup of Qatar, < / div>< div> MetaElfLand ecological < / div>< div> or will usher in a wave of rising prices.Join earlier, at an early date to benefit, < / div>< div> MetaElfLand waiting for you to experience!