Voice outside the car, canceling a large number of buttons, what useless efforts have car companies made in intelligence?

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智能化卷到今天,We will find that the intelligent configuration of new car has emerged a large number of homogeneous functions,To millions of,The closer to,With the high8155芯片,There are intelligent voice,With the similar machine supplier maps or car software,但是细究起来,Car companies are like to do a lot of busywork in intelligent,A lot of places to smart and intelligent.

The car some take-out、Payment to the gas station automatic refueling、Speech recognition outside.随着汽车智能化的发展,Car companies are moving more and more intelligent configuration on the car,Many applications are you more or rare on other intelligent terminal equipment to,But these applications to be moved to the car?

Intelligent hardware do useless,Your car is?

First of all, let's look at some of the hardware,Like this a few years popular popular hidden door knob,There are more and more complex way of open window,There are some independent brand cars and even adjust the lights of the vehicle are integrated into the machine screen.


大众在ID.系列上,The main driving originally4A window switch button,变为了2.5个,其中2Responsible for the switch window,另外0.5Responsible for before and after the switching window switch.Compared with the general used for nearly 20 years of design,This design is really let a person feel sense of science and technology is enough,For some new drivers from scratch,May also receive some,For the old drivers,This configuration will inevitably be fun,Originally a very used to switch steps,Became more complicated,As in the switch also added a secondary menu window here.


Although the fun,But this configuration is studied by some other joint venture car companies to the past,This can only be promoted the designer in the heart of the car“智能化”程度.

可是,The use of this kind of buttons,Still give us retain the physical feedback,But there are some new car companies,Even changed the among the magic,Into the press type with vibration feedback window way,Is almost blind operation, the possibility of the lowest,This really is some do“假”智能化了,Even there will be some impact for driving security.


The car gesture,The earliest application on some luxury brand car,Such as a driver can wave in front of the screen page,To make the click gesture to answer the call,With finger or circle in the air conditioning volume,Gestures to control the function,When parking use very sweet,But the function was convenient and drivers in the process of driving blind operation,But in the process of driving,This configuration is not so good,Often mistakenly identified,Or don't recognize,The car's shaking will let the control accuracy of lower.


And by the new forces here,Gesture is even the development of the whole vehicle space,理想L9In the front row has a gesture,Especially when control of the rear screen,3D ToFGesture became the main control mode,The rear passenger can open your hand,Be identified to after they can control the cursor,This feature is fully showed highly intelligent,But only parking with,Open up to it is.In the process of driving turbulence shaking,Makes the cursor transverse jump around,Recognition greatly reduced.很多车主吐槽,It is better to give with a remote control.


Mobile phone software is not hopson hard to move on,Small program is a new way of thinking?

In the car companies are doing physical keys inside the car, the less,At the same time to embody sense of science and technology and intelligent,Pull the difficulty of the blind operation line up,Especially to adjust the rear view mirror、灯光、HUDThe hardware of the menu is hidden in the screen,Does owners who ascend to fit the difficulty.

So how to remedy?It's round in the intelligent voice system,Now more and more new models have been able to be visible on the phonetic systems can say,Can accurately identify the owner's instructions require,But some models did not get through all the vehicle's bottom menu,Is the voice system for some vehicle configuration and have no control over.这个问题主要集中在HUDAnd outside rearview mirror on the control of,Owners need to go to the menu to find the corresponding adjustment options,In cancelled the most convenient time for you、The most common physical control after,And not to leave convenient operation shortcut,True is made of intelligent useless,Trouble for the owner, or.


As the joint brand power intelligent voice system,Start looking for domestic cooperation supplier,After in-depth localization,在智能语音方面,New power and the traditional brands are the gap is not so big,Experience is very similar,Function of homogeneity becomes very serious,那么一些“聪明”The car companies began to ponder what function again?Outside voice system is one of the.

On some models,The owner with a key,Standing on the outside can awaken the vehicle's sound system,车外4Range of meters can dialogue with vehicle,Can by voice switch back、打开灯光秀、Start shut down engine, etc,This functionality is very fresh,但是安全性呢?

Speech recognition will have the problem of insufficient recognition accuracy,When a deterrent to other case,Is likely to happen some safety problems,Car companies have good intentions,Hope the owners as much as possible to solve in some demands out of car,But the real ground,钥匙在4米范围内,Others dialogue can awaken the vehicle,This type of functionality is really very questionable.


Go back to the car,With the continuous development of the car voice system,发展出了4Tone recognition,甚至是6Tone recognition,It does to a certain extent, convenient and front row passengers,Even convenient people out of the car.Due to the vast majority of models sound system,Does not need like apple“嘿,Siri”那样,Voiceprint authentication of,A fairly large range for tone recognition,So on some models,Strangers can even standing outside the car wake up the car's sound system,Let the vehicle for you to open the door、开窗,Or change other functions,There will be a serious safety problem,Car companies should increase the voiceprint recognition,And the scope of each tone control.


As for the other finer features,There are some really is a useless,For example the car some take-out,And go to a gasoline station automatic settlement to the function,These capabilities can be viewed as is hard to put the mobile phone function,Directly on the machine,But how easy it is much less than the mobile phone operator,A variety of complex binding,Payment and security of unknown,Let these functions will use almost forever deep sleep in the car machine.Car companies in the development of car machine function,要保持克制,Not all functions are suitable for car machine,Small screen operation convenience and not after amplification can match.

在车机功能方面,Many manufacturers have left owners application market,Can under some of the applications of machine can match car,But most of the functions of fitment do are not very well,这一点,Tesla in the latestOTA的车机系统中,Give us some inspiration,Tesla put WeChat and WeChat small program on car machine,WeChat applet is constantly optimize the product of the simplified,Is very suitable for projected onto the car phone,Many owners have given high praise.



The intelligent vehicle volume to today,The function of a lot of new models,Has the policies and regulations of the upper limit of,Car companies are in pursuit of differentiation,Start to do some useless,Even to the owners that gets you in trouble,For the sake of intelligent intelligent,这种方式并不可取.

In the era of intelligence is still in the development of,The car companies should be more to solve the problem of owner's spot,Get used to most people the habit of,Rather than allow the vast majority of people to the be fond of of stylist to forced to adapt to the.

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