Computer graduation project topic selection recommendation based on nodejs+Vue360 student dormitory system

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Administrator; home page, personal center, dormitory information management, student management, dormitory repair management, visitor information management, utility bill management, administrator management, exchange forum, system management, students; home page, personal center,Dormitory maintenance report management, water and electricity fee management,
front home page; home page, exchange forum, notice announcement, personal center, background management, online communication, etc.

Abstract I
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background and significance 1
1.2 Overview of domestic and foreign research 1
1.3 Research content 1
Chapter 2 Related technologies 2
Front-end technology: nodejs+vue+elementui
Front end: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, VUE
The system is divided into different layers: view layer (vue page), presentation layer (controller class), business layer (interface class) and persistence layer(persistence layer framework).
The essence of the view layer is the vue page. By writing the vue page and displaying it in the browser, the written vue page must be able to interact with the controller class, so that the user can operate normally when clicking on the web page.When writing the vue page, pay attention to the writing of the url. When the user clicks the button, the url must be passed to the presentation layer, and the presentation layer uses the business layer to complete the database interaction.
Chapter 3 System Analysis 4
3.1 Demand Analysis 4
3.2 System Feasibility Analysis 4
3.2.1 Technical Feasibility: Technical Background 4
3.2.2 Economic Feasibility 5
> 3.2.3 Operation feasibility: 5
3.3 Project design goals and principles 5
3.4 System process analysis 6
3.4.1 Operation process 6
3.4.2 Add information process 7
3.4.3 Deleting Information Flow 8
Chapter 4 System Design 10
4.1 System Architecture 10
4.2 Development Process Design 11
4.3 Database Design Principles 12
4.4 Data Table 14
Chapter 5 Detailed Design of the System 19
5.1 Administrator Function Module 19
5.2 Student Function Module 22
5.3 Foreground Home Function Module 22
Chapter 6 System Test 26
6.1 Purpose of System Test 26
6.2 System Test Method 27
6.3 Function Test 27
Conclusion 29
Acknowledgments 30
References 31

With the new campus of the school put into use and the flow of medical students to the main campus, the number of people in the school is increasing year by year.On the one hand, the implementation of the traditional dormitory system has brought a lot of pressure to the management of the school's student apartments.On the other hand, the rapid development of information technology and the Internet has promoted the continuous advancement of society and the popularization and development of information management systems. It can be said that informatization is the development trend of today's society. In this environment, more and moreMany colleges and universities have begun to introduce information-based management systems to strengthen the management of student attendance and student apartments. The application of information-based systems is an important measure for schools to transform from traditional management to information-based management.It has reached a new level, which can greatly improve the school's management efficiency and reduce the burden on managers. It is also an important way to promote the school's informatization construction. It can further improve the school's management system and improve the school's office informatization., paperless and automation levels.