Beijing Hegeyou wishing you luck in the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, the Hongluo Ancient Temple is a great place to celebrate the New Year and pray for blessings in Beijing

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Spring Festival is the most traditional festival in China,合家团圆,Spending a good night together is the most touching.2023Let's bid farewell to the old and welcome the new,Hongluo Ancient Temple celebrates the new year with a strong taste.

There is Hongluo Temple Scenic Area1600多年的悠久历史,It is a tourist attraction that combines the beautiful and quiet ancient temple scenery with the bright and rich cultural connotation,每逢过年,The ancient folk customs of the Hongluo Temple Fair will be grandly held here,Tourists from all over the world will come as scheduled,The temple fair scene is booming and lively.

Inside and outside the ancient temple,Taking blessing culture as the main line,Palace lanterns can be seen everywhere、彩灯、串灯、福牌、Auspicious clouds and various artificial flowers and trees set,Instantly makes this place full of New Year's flavor.

From pine forests and bamboo seas to ancient temples,Rest in the mountains,Look at the aura of mountains and rivers,深呼吸,Enjoy the pure air brought by high vegetation coverage.

Listen to the Chinese New Year,There must be a good luck,It is necessary to throw copper coins every year during the Chinese New Year,A large copper coin hidden in the imperial bamboo forest,Use your strength,Throw the copper coin in your hand,Throw the copper bell in Qian's eye on the opposite side,The Year of the Rabbit is bound to bring wealth and luck.

据说,The Yuelao of Hongluo Temple responded to every request,或许,Then you can meet love at the corner of the Year of the Rabbit,Palace lanterns can be seen everywhere in the garden,All over the entire park of Hongluo Temple,Exquisite palace lanterns hang high,Every palace lantern has a beautiful meaning.

The old customs of Chinese New Year in ancient temples,Combined with its own cultural characteristics,Concrete traditional auspicious blessing culture,to watch、可参与、displayed in a tangible form,We will accompany you to start the new year with good luck.

The scenic spot has a lot of vegetation coverage,The negative oxygen ion forest bathing environment provides tourists with an ideal place for health and leisure.

As a holy place for blessings in the Beijing area,这里常年香火鼎盛,It is more popular during the Spring Festival when the whole family is reunited,The smoke from the incense burner is emerald,Floating in the air like a light curtain.

在新年,Everyone wants to get a good fortune.The first batch of people who can offer incense and pray for blessings in the temple means that they have achieved something long ago,占得先机,So people always find ways、Competing to grab the top incense.

Cooperate with the traditional Chinese auspicious belt、The blessing stickers and fiery red color imply happiness and happiness,Render a festive and strong atmosphere.

Although praying and wishing are not the same,Some prayed for the safety of their families、健健康康,Some people pray that business will prosper、红红火火,Some people pray for happiness in love、甜甜蜜蜜,But the mood of prayer is the same,That is full of good wishes for the new year,Looking forward to the new year.

Rich and colorful blessing cultural activities and unique beauty of Buddhist gardens,Outline the Hongluo Sheng Jingfu Mantian,The auspicious scene of the Green Sea, Ciyun and Spring Garden.

Hongluo Temple is also very beautiful in winter,Snowflakes are falling on the thousand-year-old buildings,It is pure and solemn,All kinds of red lanterns hang high in the temple,Create a vibrant scene.

其实每个人都明白,人生没有绝对的安稳,我们都是过客,Carry a calm and indifferent heart,走过山重水复的流年,笑看风尘起落的人间.

梅花五瓣,Symbol of joy、幸福、长寿、顺利、和平,In our country, there is a saying that plum blossoms and five blessings.此时,Plum blossoms of various colors are in full bloom in the plum blossom exhibition,Bring good luck,春暖花开,Together with the millions of long green bamboos in the ancient temple and more than a thousand acres of primitive ancient pine forests, it constitutes a real picture of the three friends in the cold season.

Go to Guanyin Temple if you don't want to climb up and down the mountain and walk,Then you can choose to take the zip line,You can see the Huairou snow scene from the gaps in the forest,由于是冬季,The considerate staff will spread cushions for everyone on each seat.

When traveling to the halfway up the mountain,You can have a bird's-eye view of Huairou City、Overview of the international capital、Hongluo Lake、怀柔水库,Feel the beautiful scenery of Huairou, a city with mountains and half a city with lakes.

Climb along the mountain path to the back of the mountain,There are about a thousand steps,Generally, it takes more than two hours to reach the Guanyin Temple on the top of the mountain.From the back hill of Hongluo Temple, you can overlook the surrounding mountains、城市,开阔壮观.

The Hongluo Temple Scenic Area has now formed the Hongluo Temple Ancient Temple Cultural Area、Guanyin Temple Cultural District、Giant Buddha Cultural District and Hongluo Mountain、青龙山两个自然观景区“一日游”的观光格局,具有“春看花、夏避暑、秋观叶、冬赏岁寒三友”的观光特色.

旅游交通: 自驾车:(1)京承高速—怀柔城区出口(14号)—上高架桥—范崎路(雁栖湖国际会展中心红绿灯路口左转)—红雁路—过部队桥洞右转直行可直达红螺寺.(有路标) (2)京顺路(101国道)—怀柔城区—青春路北行3km direct. 公交车:东直门乘坐916Take the bus to Huairou Bus Station and transferH57路(怀柔汽车站—红螺寺)到红螺寺景区,发车间隔约40分钟左右.

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